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DC Motors

Pittman brush-commutated motors deliver smooth-running and quiet operation.

September 22, 2010   by DE staff

AMETEK, Inc. released its Pittman Series 8690 brush-commutated DC motors. These 26mm, iron core motors incorporate bonded neodymium iron boron magnets and include 7-slot skewed armatures, resin-impregnated windings and diamond-turned commutators. The motors are available in three lengths (1.798 in., 1.923 in., and 2.173 in.) and can provide continuous torque output up to 3.17 oz-in, peak torque up to 20 oz-in, and speeds up to 9,000 RPM.

A cartridge brush assembly can serve to reduce audible and electrical noise and significantly improve brush life by maintaining optimum brush force throughout the life of the motor. Motor products can additionally be customized with optical encoders, custom cables, shaft modifications, shaft-mounted pulleys and gears, ball bearings, RFI suppression components, and other options to satisfy specific application requirements.

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