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Detectable Spherical Bearings

igus igubal self-aligning bearings designed for the food and drug industries

January 29, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

14-Jan-igus-igubal-bearing-625Plastic bearing maker igus rolled its line of detectable self-aligning bearings for the food industry. The detectable bearings are an extension of the company’s igubal self-aligning bearings, which includes a range of lubrication and maintenance-free rod-end bearings, clevis joints, flanged units, press fit and pedestal bearings.

Both the housing and spherical ball are detectable by standard metal-detection systems to pick up even the smallest particles of the bearings were failure to occur. According to the company, the bearings are dry-running, unaffected by dirt and dust, operate well in liquids and a variety of chemicals, and are corrosion resistant.

They are suited to run in temperatures from -40º – 176º F, and are able to absorb very high forces due to their vibration-dampening properties. They also possess high levels of compressive strength and elasticity.

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