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Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

By Design Engineering Staff   

Fluid Power KNF

KNF N950.50 series feature fast evacuation and deep vacuum.

KNF introduced its N950.50 Series multi-headed diaphragm vacuum pumps designed to achieve high flow rates and deep vacuums. The pumps can realize maximum flow rates up to 50 l/m and maximum vacuum <2 mbar abs and a liquid-tolerant pump design mitigates any potentially adverse effects from handling condensable media. The pumps can be powered either with a brushless DC motor or a worldwide motor with range of 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz. KNF designs and produces the motors to easily accommodate customer power and signal types and meet particular torque, noise and balance requirements consistent with the pump’s loading requirements. Options include speed control through external signal input, gas ballast, remote on/off operation, and signal output for speed monitoring. Wetted material options include PPS, PTFE, and EPDM. Custom products can be engineered to satisfy the most challenging OEM application requirements and standard engineering evaluation units are available for immediate delivery.


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