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Digital Pressure Switch

Bimba brand MFD pneumatics adds digital pressure switches to air prep offering.

January 27, 2016   by Design Engineering staff

16-Jan-Bimba-Digital-Pressure-Switch-360Bimba Manufacturing Company and its subsidiary, Mead Fluid Dynamics (MFD), have added a line of Digital Pressure Switches (DPS Series) to its line of air preparation equipment. The series displays system pressure on an integrated LCD and emits dual programmable output signals. Designed for use with MFD air preparation equipment, the digital pressure switches also transmit analog pressure data directly to the control system. The series features two individually-programmed sinking (NPN) or sourcing (PNP) digital outputs plus one optional 1-5V or 4-20mA analog output. The switches also offer user-selectable hysteresis and switching modes and IP65-rated enclosures.

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