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Disc Magnet Motor

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Motion Control motor Portescap stepper motor

Portescap P532 series step motor provides high power-rate and acceleration.

Portescap introduced its P532 series disc magnet step motor with encoder. The step motor series has a diameter of 52mm, length up to 55 mm, and rated torque of 0.2 Nm (boosted up to 0.5 Nm). This allows the P532 to deliver acceleration up to 400K rad/sec2, which makes it suited for applications where rapid changes in rotation are required (+/- 3,000 RPM in a few ms). The motor features a unique multipolar design requiring no additional iron to the rotor and therefore giving a low inertia (12E-7 kgm2). Closing the position loop with the encoder, it is capable of accelerations which, together with a high speed up to 6,000 RPM, make this motor technology suitable for fast incremental motion.


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