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Power Transmission Machine Building Amacoil linear motion Uhing

Amacoil-Uhing smooth shaft RS drive nut features linear travel up to 4 ft/sec with zero backlash.

15-Jan-Amacoil-drive-nut-625Amacoil-Uhing unveiled the Model RS drive nut, which runs on a smooth shaft without threads. The linear drive operates on the rolling ring linear motion principle. The point contact between the rolling ring bearing and the shaft assures there is no play or backlash during movement of the drive nut, the company says. Available in ten sizes, the drive nut is suitable for vertical or horizontal travel. Each of the ten sizes is available in five different linear pitch settings. Shaft rotational speeds may be up to 10,000 rpm depending on drive size. Linear travel speed ranges from 0.5 ft/sec up to 4 ft/sec, depending on drive size and payload weight. RS drive nuts offer axial thrust from 22 to 449 pounds.


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