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Electric Pivot Unit

By Design Engineering Staff   

Automation Motion Control Power Transmission Machine Building DE-STA-CO

DE-STA-CO 98W pivot provides constant torque and 360 degree arm rotation.

14-July-DE-STA-CO-Pivot-360DE-STA-CO introduced its 98W electric pivot unit that is smaller and lighter than traditional pneumatic units, and provides 500 Nm of torque across its full range of motion. Utilizing a worm gear instead of a pneumatic toggle mechanism, the 98W Electric Pivot Unit can rotate its arms a full 360 degrees. In addition, the pivot requires only four seconds or less to rotate its arms 135 degrees and its saddle arm mount can be adjusted in 45-degree increments. The Pivot Unit can operate in two modes: Programmed setting with limited opening angles or infinite opening angles. It is compatible with multiple motors and can be interchanged with pneumatic units equipped with 125, 160 or 200 mm cylinders.


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