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LOVATO Electric DMG600 and DMG610 digital multimeters offer Wi-Fi dongle for measurement data acquisition.

October 9, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

14-Oct-Lovato-controller-360LOVATO Electric has expanded its range of measuring instruments by adding the DMG600 and DMG610 digital multimeters. Both models provide electrical measurements such as voltage and current values, meters for active and reactive energy, both imported and exported, Harmonic distortion (THD). In addition, the multimeters offer different solutions for acquiring measured data. The instruments’ white-backlit LCD screen provides visibility, even in low light conditions. The built-in RS485 serial port allows the DMG610 model to be immediately inserted into an existing network; many other optional ports are available such as analog input and output, relay output, static output, communication port Ethernet or USB. The models also allow user to connect directly, through an optical front port via a Wi-Fi dongle, to smartphones or tablets using the LOVATO SAM1 applications in the Android and IOS apps store.

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