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EtherCAT Box

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Automation Motion Control Machine Building Automation Beckhoff Automation EtherCAT Motion Control

Beckhoff IP 67-rated device designed to measure acceleration and angle in harsh environments.

14-feb-Beckhoff-ethercat-box-625Beckhoff Automation released its EP1816-3008, an IP 67-rated I/O solution for harsh environments with built-in tilt monitoring in longitudinal and transverse directions. The measuring device has two integrated 3-axis acceleration sensors and 16 digital inputs. A typical application for the 3-axis acceleration box is vibration and shock/oscillation monitoring of machines, plants and buildings.

The EP1816-3008 EtherCAT Box features two integrated 3-axis, 16-bit acceleration sensors with resolution options of ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g and ±16 g. The sampling frequency is 1 Hz to 5 kHz. These MEMS (micro-electronic mechanical systems) are based on forked silicon structures, which have movements or vibrations that result in a capacitive change and a corresponding signal value.


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