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Antaira’s updated gigabit POE+ and non-POE managed Ethernet switch series allows additional OS options and features.

July 10, 2020   by DE Staff

Antaira Technologies introduced its LMP-0702G-SFP-V2 and LMX-0702G-SFP-V2 series. The V2 hardware allow a new operating system and features that bring these smaller switches up to the same feature set as the company’s larger port count Ethernet switches. Two of the key features are access control lists and multi-ring Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), an open standard used for creating redundant link rings. Access control lists make sure data can get to where it needs to go but all other traffic is blocked. The LMX-0702G-SFP-V2 Series features two fiber optic ports. The LMP-0702G-SFP-V2 Series provides PoE ports (30 Watts) for security applications, as well as fiber optic interfaces for long-range connectivity (1 meter to 100 KM).

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