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Stratasys' sacrificial tooling solution is comprised of new ST-130 material and new fill patterns.

Stratasys Sacrificial ToolingStratasys introduces sacrificial tooling enhancements to its Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)-based 3D printers, fully optimizing select models for creating functional product prototypes, production tools and end-use parts for the most demanding manufacturing applications. Sacrificial tooling, a process in which 3D printed molds are wrapped in composite material and then removed after part curing, enables manufacturers to rapidly and cost-effectively create complex, hollow composite parts. Stratasys is improving this process with a new sacrificial tooling solution, comprised of its new ST-130 material and new fill patterns. Together, the new material and fill patterns provide faster dissolution, rapid build speed, better autoclave performance and greatly improved tool quality. The new sacrificial tooling solution is available for the Fortus 450mc and 900mc 3D Printers. To reduce production time and cost for both parts and tooling, Stratasys is introducing the Fortus 900mc Acceleration Kit. This new kit, designed for Stratasys’ most powerful FDM 3D printer, allows very large structures to be 3D printed up to three times faster. The kit will first be compatible with ASA and ULTEM 1010 materials.


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