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AW-Lake WIN Ultrasonic Flow Meter has no moving parts and accuracy of +1.0% of reading over 25:1 turndown.

December 1, 2021   by DE staff

AW-Lake Company introduced its Water Inline (WIN) Ultrasonic Flow Meter designed for process cooling applications. With no moving parts, the meter incorporates two wetted ultrasonic transducers that face each other directly in the flow tube. It has an accuracy of +1.0% of reading over 25:1 turndown, 100:1 total turndown with minimal pressure drop. Holding an IP67 (NEMA 6) rating, the meter operates safely when temporarily submerged in water. A detachable LCD display version comes standard with Modbus RTU communications. A built-in data logger enables data access via Modbus. Units without a display come standard with analog and pulse outputs, 24V AC/DC power, one pulse, and one analog output.

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