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Food-Grade Actuators

Tolomatic IMA actuators designed for high-force food and beverage applications.

February 3, 2012   by Design Engineering Staff

Tolomatic’s IMA line, the company’s integrated motor rod actuator, is now available with a food-grade white epoxy coating and stainless steel components for washdown applications. Available in four sizes, the IMA line features stroke lengths from three to 18 inches (76.2 to 457.2 mm) and peak thrusts from 200 to 6,875 pounds force (890 to 30,594 N) at speeds up to 24 inches per second (610 mm/sec).

The actuator series integrates a servomotor and a ball or roller screw. Its hollow-core rotor design allows the nut of the screw to pass inside the rotor. The motor features skewed stator windings to minimize cogging. In addition to food-grade white epoxy, modifications include food-grade greases and stainless steel external components.

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