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General DE-STA-CO gripper material handling

DE-STA-CO's Vulcan gripper designed for extreme temperatures.

DE-STA-CO released its Vulcan Series High Temperature Gripper for foundry and casting applications. With certain options, the gripper can operate in temperatures up to 450O C (842O F). The gripper comes in three sizes, with holding capacities from 91 Nm (67.12 ft-lbs) to 414 Nm (305.35 ft-lbs). Each can be used for both angular and parallel motion applications. The gripper is tested to withstand 5 million cycles under difficult work conditions.

Vulcan’s base model has a hard-coat treated body with an optional fireproof Kevlar boot for applications up to 450O C (842O F). The Kevlar boot also protects the gripper from carbon, dust and metal debris often experienced in foundry settings. An optional stainless steel heat shield is also available. A port that enables low-pressure air to be blown into the gripper body is also available on certain models. The low-pressure air helps extend the gripper’s life by keeping it cooler and by preventing dust from entering the mechanism.



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