Gantry Motion System

PI’s A-351 compact gantry system provides overhead motion for industrial applications.

0 December 17, 2019
by DE Staff

PI released its A-351, a XY / XYZ gantry motion system designed for pick-and-place, alignment, inspection and custom 3D printer applications. Driven by ironless linear motors, the system features precision mechanical linear bearings, absolute linear encoders (1nm resolution) and an ACS-based motion controller with EtherCat connectivity. For applications requiring a motorized vertical axis, several Z-stage options are available, with either screw-driven platforms or linear motors and pneumatic counterbalance. Other customizations, such as mounting platforms for vision systems, dispensers etc, are also available. Standard XY travel ranges from 300×300 to 500x1000mm with velocity up to 2 meters/second on the cross axis. E-chain and water cooling options are available for high acceleration / high duty cycle applications

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