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GE Additive launches Series 3 binder jet printer

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive technology delivers steel parts up to 25kg with wall thicknesses less than 500μm.

Following a four-year beta stage, GE Additive announced the release of its Series 3 binder jet printer and expects to begin production deliveries in the second half of 2023.

“Fast-tracking solutions and bringing them to market too soon is not a sound strategy and is often the reason machines end up gathering dust in R&D labs,” said Brian Birkmeyer, product line leader for Binder Jet at GE Additive. “During the Series 3 and Binder Jet Line’s development phase, we sought out customers who could give us honest, real-world insights from their high-volume manufacturing environments.”

According to the company, the Series 3 can additively manufacture both small and large complex parts with material properties that exceed casting equivalents. Specifically, the printer is able to produce parts up to 25 kg in stainless steel and achieve wall thicknesses less than 500μm.

Beyond build specs, the company points to the printer’s ability to create parts with low surface roughness and within the desired tolerances, due in part to the company’s Amp software which features distortion prediction and compensation capability. In addition, the company says users can remove powder from intricate parts without destroying fine features, enabled by GE’s binder systems.


Other benefits of the system include the ability to recycle unused powder and use the system’s entire 500 x 500 x 500mm build volume without needing supports, the company says. The system will also be UL listed and CE certified, and features a real-time safety system for constant monitoring machine conditions. It also offers zero exposure to powder when operators load and operate the system, which is designed for compatibility with reactive and flammable powder and binders.


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