Handheld Photometer

OMEGA Dip Strip HHWT-13 offer cost effective alternative for water testing.

Comments Off on Handheld Photometer February 12, 2013
by Design Engineering Staff

The new, lightweight HHWT-13 series of handheld dip strip photometers are a more “green” and cost effective alternative to testing water for Cyanide, Iron, Ammonia, Phosphate, pH (5 to 10) Sulfide, Fluoride, Chloride, and Quarternary Ammonia. Instead of using a 10 ml water sample, this CE compliant product uses a 4 ml water sample, which uses up to 60 percent less chemical per test. It features a 3-button control, 140 test memory and an automatic countdown test time. This product is designed for wastewater treatment and in all industries which require the monitoring of their process pH.