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Buehler's Wilson VH1102 and VH1202 are designed for Knoop and Vickers micro-hardness testing.

buehler hardness testerWilson VH1102 and VH1202 are two new universal hardness testers from Buehler. Featuring deadweight loads from 10 g up to 2 kg and nine different, automatically selectable loading stages, the testers offer class-leading flexibility. Both models in the new VH1000 series feature an ergonomic, adjustable 7″ color touchscreen for rapid test method selection and data collection. The VH1102 model is equipped with a turret providing four positions, including an indenter for Knoop or Vickers and two standard objectives for 10x and 50x magnification at normal working distance. The VH1202 model is equipped with a six-position turret, including two indenters for both Knoop and Vickers, and an additional objective with 5x magnification at long working distance. For both models, all you need to do in order to set the turret to the magnification selected on the touch screen is push the Start button.


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