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Harmonic Gearboxes

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Conic Systems zero backlash harmonic gearbox designed to replace planetary gear drives.

Conic Systems its Lifetime (LT) Series of precision, zero-backlash harmonic gearboxes designed as a direct replacement of high ratio planetary gearheads. The series features a lifetime zero backlash characteristic and ratios of 50:1 to 200:1 in a single stage. According to the company, the series’ proprietary harmonic cup design allows for a high number of teeth to be engaged, giving the LT Series higher torque and inertial loading capacity and repeatability better than 10 arc-sec. The LT gearheads feature a precision, double angular contact bearing on the output shaft allowing for designs with high radial and axial loads. Mounting is accomplished with a quick connecting motor coupling. The LT Series is available in metric sizes and NEMA 17, 23, 34 and 42 frames.


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