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Heat Resistant Ball Bearings

By DE Staff   

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igus xiros ball bearing materials stand up to chemicals and temperatures up to 150°C.

igus announced it is adding two chemical and temperature resistant materials to its range of xiros ball bearings. The dry-running bearing line can be constructed with inner and outer rings made of xirodur F500 plastic. According to the company, the F500 cage not only allows the self-lubricating bearings to stand up to continuous temperatures of 302°F (150°C) but also makes them resistant to many chemicals.

In addition to stainless steel and glass balls, igus now also offers ceramic balls made of zirconium oxide – characterized by high strength and breaking resistance, as well as low abrasion and high thermal shock resistance. The company says its plastic bearings are also up to 50% lighter than conventional stainless-steel ball bearings. Solid lubricants integrated into the polymers allow for hygienic, low-friction dry operation without maintenance or a single drop of lubricating oil.


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