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Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device

By Design Engineering Staff   

Power Transmission Gear

DME HG48-2000 offers interchangeable housings and assemblies to simplify the design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of stack molds.

DME Company unveiled the HG48-2000, the latest addition to its Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Device product line. DME Helical Gear Centering Devices contain a double-helical gear shaft with a left-hand thread on one end, a right-hand thread on the other and two mating nuts that fit on the corresponding threads. The device provides equal and synchronized parting line openings for two- or four-level stack molds. The HG48-2000 measures 48mm nominal outside diameter of helical gear; 2000mm standard maximum length and 800mm standard maximum parting line opening per side. Since a stack mold usually needs two or four assemblies to operate, the devices are adjustable to compensate for differences between the moving and stationary side stack heights.


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