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Hybrid Stepper Motor/Lead Screw

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Thomson’s MLA line features built-in anti-rotational guidance.

Thomson Industries, Inc. expanded its line of stepper motor linear actuators with its hybrid MLA models that feature built-in anti-rotational guidance. According to the company the MLA line’s design eliminates the need for external guidance by surrounding the shaft with an aluminum cover tube with molded internal splines that lock onto the nut to keep it from turning. This design also features an integrated bushing that enables it to withstand small radial and moment loads. Best suited for space-constrained, force-sensitive applications, the hybrid actuator accommodates stroke lengths shorter than 2.5 inches; loads lighter than 200lbf on various motor sizes; and speeds below 20in/s. The MLA actuators are currently available for NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23 motor frame sizes; in single or double stacks; with many motor winding options. Linear resolution options range from 0.063 to 7.5µin of linear travel per step. The actuators ship with NEMA-standard bolt-hole patterns, but custom pattern profiles are also available, as are custom end mounting, wiring, cabling and connectors.


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