Hydraulic Combination Valve

Webtec’s CV120 combination valve offers complete motor control for mobile machinery.

0 October 2, 2018
by DE Staff

Webtec unveiled its CV120 series combination valve for mobile machinery that features a variable priority flow divider combined with a directional control valve in one body. The valve features a marked single-turn hand dial and is pressure compensated, permitting both ‘Priority’ and ‘By-Pass’ to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting the ‘Priority’ flow rate. The valve has two pump inlets and two tank outlets. Multiple valves can be employed in series by using a high-pressure carry-over (HPCO) coupling and standard fittings. CV120 valves offer a maximum operating pressure of 250 bar (3600 psi) and a total flow capacity of 120 lpm (32 USgpm), while regulated flow capacity is 0-95 lpm (0-25 USgpm). Porting choice is either 3/4-inch BSPP or 1-1/16-inch 12UN #12 SAE ORB thread sizes.

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