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KML Bearing mounted bearing features the company’s Poly-Guard IP69K Sealing System.

KML Bearing USA introduced its Stainless-Steel Stand-Out Mounted Bearing that incorporates the company’s Poly-Guard IP69K Sealing System. Developed for high-moisture food applications, the bearing eliminates edge seams and crevices at the bearing mounting location. A stand-out mounting configuration eliminates the need for the fabrication and welding of clearance spacers.

To meet IP69K requirements, KML developed the Poly-Guard IP69K Sealing System to protect the bearings form the ingress of dust, water and harmful bacteria especially during high-pressure, high-temperature food equipment washdowns. Fully-enclosed end and through-shafts coupled with a variety of back seals and V-rings protect against surface corrosion and chemical damage while the hermetically-sealed bearing are enclosed to eliminate harborage issues.


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