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Elesa Hygienic Design line designed to maximize safety in food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

May 29, 2019   by DE Staff

Elesa released its Hygienic Design line, designed for sanitation, maximum cleanability and high-quality materials. The line includes knobs, lobe knobs, bridge handles and leveling feet designed and manufactured according to the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and 3-A Sanitary Standards guidelines to meet the requirements of specific applications in markets such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical. The quality of the surface finishes, combined with shapes free of recesses and roughness lower than 0.8 µm, makes these components resistant to dirt and other substances. The new Hygienic Design line is also characterized by corrosion resistance and resistance to temperatures and chemical substances. Stainless steel and blue sealing rings in polyurethane elastomer, in compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements, prevent dirt and contaminants from entering at the junction points between the components.

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