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Opto 22’s groov EPIC I/O modules address demands of specialty and low-cost applications.

Opto 22 has released three groov EPIC input/output modules for specialty and low-cost applications. The GRV-IDCSW-12 monitors the open/closed status of dry contact switches, and provides the necessary excitation voltage to power the circuit. It features discrete input, 12 channels, DC contact switch status and is to monitor distributed IT equipment, benchtop analyzers, motor run/stop relays, or any device that offers only a dry contact for status. The GRV-IVI-12 features 12 isolated channels, each configurable to one of eight ranges from ±1.25 to ±160V, and eliminates the need to segregate I/O signals over multiple modules. The module has 20-bit resolution and is accurate to 0.1% of the configured range. It includes options for scaling, filtering and averaging. The GRV-IRTD-8 provides 8 channels for 2- and 3-wire RTD inputs, with a maximum range of –200°C to 850°C. It can also be used for high-resolution resistance measurements, with accuracy ranging from 4.2 Ohms at the 8K Ohm input range to 0.058 Ohms at the 10 Ohm range for 3-wire RTDs.


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