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POSITAL adds inclinometers with analog outputs to TILTIX family.

POSITAL has added inclinometer model with analog communications interfaces to its TILTIX line. The latest TILTIX models incorporate 3-axis MEMS accelerometer sensors that reduce cross-axis sensitivity and improve measurement accuracy to ± 0.1 degrees over the full range of tilt angles. The models feature a programmable function that allows measurement range to be set via software updates. These instruments can be set up so that their full output range (4-20 mA, 0-5 Volts or 0-10 Volts) spans the expected range of motion. TILTIX inclinometers can also be programmed to act as limit warning switches, as well as to function as a single axis (0-360°), two-axis (± 90°), or 2-axis pitch/roll (± 180°) sensors. Signal filtering methods include moving average, recursive, Butterworth, critical damping and Kalman filtering. They are available in either fiber-reinforced plastic housings or IP69K-rated metal enclosures.


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