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Inductive rotary encoders


Motion Control Heidenhain Corp rotary encoder

Heidenhain's encoder units feature robustness and an operating temperature range up to 115 °C.

Inductive rotary encoders in plastics processingHeidenhain’s inductive rotary encoders from the ECI/EBI/EQI 1100, ECI/EQI 1300 and ECI/EBI 100 series are the ideal solutions for plastic processing applications. They are available for small (1100) or large (1300) axis heights in servo motors and for hollow shaft applications (100). Singleturn encoders (ECI) and gear-based (EQI) or battery-buffered multiturn encoders (EBI) are also available. The units have a resolution of 524 288 positions per revolution. The EBI 1100 is an exception with a resolution of 262 144 positions per revolution. The measuring range of the gear-based multiturn rotary encoders is 4096 revolutions and that of the battery-buffered rotary encoders is 65 536 revolutions. All the series transfer the data through the purely serial EnDat 2.2 interface that is widespread in the market.


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