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Industrial Videoscope

The Olympus IPLEX NX videoscope includes high-resolution CCD technology, laser diode illumination, and a PulsarPic processor.

June 9, 2016   Staff

Olympus iPLEX NX videoscopeThe Olympus IPLEX NX is an industrial videoscope combines a high-pixel CCD chip, an ultra-bright laser diode light system, and Olympus’ PulsarPic processor to reduce signal noise and deliver clear, bright images. Operators can identify and measure flaws from 2X further away than is possible with conventional videoscopes. The resilient TaperedFlex fine tungsten mesh insertion tube combines superb scope maneuverability with optimized rigidity and flexibility making it easy to navigate in tight spaces while maintaining outstanding abrasion resistance. The distal end of the insertion tube is highly flexible and capable of making complex bends to arrive at hard-to-reach areas. The device is controlled via a vivid 8.4-inch removable daylight view color touchscreen that is clear and readable in any light.

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