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Animatics’ Class 5 SmartMotorT features high-speed communication and CombitronicT Technology.

Animatics introduced its latest Class 5 SmartMotor featuring the company’s patent-pending Combitronic technology. The optional feature allows more than 100 SmartMotor servos to be linked over a CAN network to create one giant multi-axis controller, the company says. Combitronic allows any SmartMotor to read from, write to, and control any other SmartMotor.

For the control programmer, one program can be written in one motor to control all, or each motor can have its own program. Without the Combitronic option, the integrated servo features communication speeds up to 115.2k Baud in both the RS-232 and RS-485 ports. In addition, the SmartMotorT integrates isolated, 24V I/O as well as Gearing, Camming and Contouring functions.


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