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IO-Link Memory module

By Design Engineering staff   

Motion Control Machine Building Balluff

Balluff EtherCAT Servo Amplifiers control up to 4 axes with 32 digital inputs/outputs.

Balluff introduced a bidirectional data memory module with IP 67 protection, that measures 34 x 16 x 8mm and can be used as a memory storage device on interchangeable units such as milling heads on gantry type machining centers. When transferred between machines, the module retains data such as the number of use cycles, shock and vibration values or lubrication and oil change intervals. A single standard cable is required for bidirectional data transmission between the milling head and controller. The cable is connected to the milling head interface in the system ring. Data transmission is noise-immune as well as resistant to EMC effects. The module can hold a total of 14 segments of 64 bytes each.


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