ISO standard cylinders

Festo's DSBC line offers self-adjusting cushioning option.

0 January 19, 2016
by Design Engineering staff

16-Jan-Festo-cylinders-625Festo introduced a range DSBC standard cylinders that offer three choices for end cushioning, including the company’s proprietary PPS technology that self-adjusts automatically to changes in air pressure, speed and load. Variants also are available with manually adjustable cushioning (PPV) or fixed elastic end cushioning (P). The company’s PPS self-adjusting technology removes the need for initial setup of the cushioning and to make manual adjustments on the machine for changing loads. DSBC cylinders have ISO 15552 compliant dimensions – a choice of seven diameters up to 125mm with stroke lengths up to 2800mm and feature a patented piston that absorbs up to five times more cushioning energy in the end position than the earlier model the DSBC replaces, the company says.

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