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POSITAL’s upgraded 36mm kit encoders feature higher resolution and refined packaging

POSITAL announced it has upgraded its 36mm kit encoders.The kit (or modular) encoders are stripped down designs without separate shafts or bearings. Instead, a permanent magnet array is attached directly to the motor’s shaft. The encoders feature TMR (tunneling magneto resistance) for rotational position sensing. According to the company, TMR sensors offer more precise measurement of magnetic field changes, lower temperature sensitivity and lower energy consumption than the Hall effect sensors. They have an 18-bit resolution and are more stable over a wide range of operating conditions. The multiturn variants include an updated ASIC and Wiegand sensors. Every shaft rotation is recorded in the encoder’s non-volatile memory. The line’s protective cover is now 19.3mm high and the number of screws fastening the encoder package to the motor housing has been reduced from four to two. Available communications interfaces include SSI and BiSS-C.


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