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Large format FFF printer

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Additive Manufacturing

Raise3D RMF500 features large build space and carbon fiber reinforced build material.

Raise3D launched its RMF500, a a large format FFF 3D printer the uses carbon fiber reinforced material. With its linear motors, the RMF500 can execute models with an accuracy of 0.001mm along the X and Y axes and a precision of 0.0009765mm along the Z axis. Its 1μm closed-loop synchronous control reduces speed variations with load changes of the motor. The printer features a 500 x 500 x 500mm build area and can reach print speeds of up 300mm/s along with an acceleration of up to 2G and movement of up to 1000mm/s. Its independent dual extruder system (IDEX) can execute two print jobs simultaneously. The system uses a carbon fiber reinforced filament with higher rigidity and lower shrinkage ratio, the company says, which doesn’t need a heated chamber to avoid warping.


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