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Sciemetric's Leak Tuner Assistant make tuning the PID controller software as simple as entering the test pressure and the fast fill pressure.

Sciemetric 3520 Series leak tunerSciemetric Instruments has released the Leak Tuner Assistant, to help users take full advantage of the speed, accuracy and intelligence of Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Tester. The 3520 offers a digital feedback controller and the ability to monitor over 20 sensors relevant to the status of the leak test. The result is much greater precision, speed, adaptability and reliability for leak testing versus conventional analog-based systems. This add-on to the 3520 makes tuning the PID controller software used to manage test pressure and optimize each phase of the test cycle as simple as entering the test pressure and (optionally) the fast fill pressure. An automated sequence of measurements and data analytics do the rest to determine the right settings and walk the user through any required adjustments. The Leak Tuner Assistant, when combined with Sciemetric’s process signature verification tools, also makes it easy to run tests and simulations with available data without disrupting regular production to optimize the leak test, set limits faster and raise overall production quality.


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