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LED workspace lights

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Electronics General Machine Building Energy binder LEDs lights

binder has developed industrial LED lights designed for dual purposes: illuminating workspaces and indicating different operating modes of machines. binder created M12 LED lights in response to a specific request from a biologically oriented research project. Originally, these lights were designed to stimulate octopus reproduction using specific wavelengths of light. Over time, they were adapted for broader applications in automation technology and the food and beverage industry. These LED lights are now commonly used in these sectors.

The lights come in three lengths: 250 mm, 358 mm and 412 mm, with corresponding illumination ranges of 170 mm, 270 mm and 332 mm. They meet protection standards up to IP69K. Featuring the standardized M12 plug-in connection, widely used across the industry, these lights ensure easy installation, seamless integration into existing automation systems, and customizable lighting configurations. Designed for diverse lighting applications, they are ideal for task lighting in automation technology and the food and beverage industry. Their robust construction and versatile design make them suitable for machine luminaires, providing workspace illumination and indicators for different machine operating modes. The A-coding allows for the transmission of both electrical power and signals through this interface.

The LED lights in the three lengths mentioned above are equipped with 60, 96 or 114 LEDs. With a power consumption of 5.7 to 11.04 W, they achieve luminous fluxes of 410 to 746 lm and illuminance levels of 108 to 198 lx.



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