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Motion Control Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions linear motion

Haydon Kerk Motion’s programmable splinerail linear actuator designed for programmability.

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions introduced its Programmable Motorized SplineRail Linear Actuator, which combines mechanical drive, guidance, and control in a single component. The system uses a size 17, single stack or double stack stepper motor with the integrated Haydon IDEA Drive, which incorporates a graphic interface for programming through the use of on-screen buttons.

The SplineRail utilizes a Kerk precision rolled lead screw, supported by bearings and contained within a concentric aluminum spline, driving an integrated Kerkite composite polymer nut/bushing. When mounted vertically, the actuator can also be used to simultaneously lift and rotate (Z-theta motion).

Screw leads are available from 0.05-in. to 1.2-in. per revolution providing a wide range of performance profiles, including self-locking threads that can support a load without external power or breaks. Haydon Kerk specializes in custom solutions and the SplineRail is a versatile platform to build upon.



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