Linear Actuators

Ewellix CASM-100 and LEMC actuators redesigned to include wireless sensors.

0 November 26, 2019
by DE Staff

Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, announced the company has redesigned its CASM-100 and LEMC actuators with built-in wireless sensors that can detect force and temperature. With the newly designed Ewellix actuators, production line upgrades are now possible without major modification of existing machine layouts. The new CASM-100 and LEMC actuators feature integrated force sensors within the body of the actuator to provide a precise measurement of the torque being delivered from the motor through the internal ball or rollerscrew, even when the actuator is stationary. In addition, the sensor acts as a temperature monitoring device that activates an alarm if the actuator is at risk of overheating. The actuators deliver forces up to 82kN and speeds of 1m per second.

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