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Linear Bearing

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Motion Control Power Transmission Machine Building

LM76’s SPEED DEMON EL300 features travel lengths of 400mm to 3000mm.

LM76 introduced its SPEED DEMON EL300, a linear rail/roller bearing wheel system that featuring travel lengths of 400mm to 3000mm and a 90mm base. Attached to the base are parallel 12mm h2 steel shafts hardened to RC62+2. The shafts are secured to the base every 100mm at a 45 degree angle. The carriage features four sealed, low friction, dual angular contact roller bearings. On one side of the carriage the roller bearings have eccentric bushings for adjusting preload. The maximum loads are: Vertical (down) – 2800N static and 1400N dynamic, and Horizontal (side)- 2600N static / 1300N dynamic. The maximum moment loads are: Roll – 125N-m static and 62N-m dynamic, Pitch – 165N-m static / 80N-m dynamic, and Yaw – 82N-m static 40N-m dynamic. The height of the carriage and base assembly is just 54mm, and both are clear anodized.


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