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LM76 Linear/Rotary Thin Wall Bushing line designed to replace a variety of thin wall bearings.

LM76 has expanded its “Black Racer” family of ceramic coated linear bearings with the Linear/Rotary Thin Wall Bushings series. The line is designed to replace a variety of thin wall bearings, including sintered or cast bronze, various non-metallic materials and needle bearings. Standard tolerances for all “Black Racer” Thin Wall Bushings are: ID and OD – .252 ID to 1.752 ID +.000/-.001 and 2.003 ID to 3.003 ID +.000/-.002, concentricity – up to and including 1.252 ID .0005 TIR and 1.502 to 2.002 ID .001 TIR.

The linear bearing line feature a .001 in. penetration of ceramic into the aluminum substrate and a .001in. surface build up for a total of .002 in. of ceramic. The file hard RC 89 ceramic shell over an aluminum substrate has a coefficient of friction of .04 to .08 (1/3 the coefficient of friction of polymer bearings), withstands up to 5000 PSI, 40,000 PV and unlimited SFM. Additionally, these bearings have a typical life expectancy of 100 million linear feet.


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