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Motion Control Machine Building linear encoder

Bomatec JC Series launches with absolute position available immediately after power on.

16-July-Bomatec-Encoder-360Bomatec International Corp released its JC Series sealed absolute linear encoders. Available are two models, the encoders measure lengths ranging from 70mm to 4040mm with accuracy grades as fine as +/-3µm, resolution up to 0.01µm and an IP grade of 53 or 64 (with compressed air). With a measuring standard manufactured on glass substrate, the encoder’s two tracks (absolute track and incremental cord) are written on the main scale grating. There are two forms of signal output: absolute position value and incremental signal. The absolute position value output is through the RS485 standard physical interface and specific digital communications protocol. The position value is available from the encoder immediately upon switch on. Each readout value is the absolute position value within the whole measurement range.


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