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Linear Induction Motor

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Motion Control Linear Motor motor

H2W Technologies’ high velocity motor generates 2900 N of thrust at a velocity of 17 m/sec.

H2W Technologies introduced its LMG-06-650-SSE, a linear induction motor (LIM) able to generate 2900 N (651 Lb) of thrust, at a 3 percent duty cycle and operating at 400 VAC, 75 Hz, the synchronous velocity of this LIM is 17 m/sec. The linear induction motor is designed for high speed operation; however it can also be operated at stall (zero speed) in order to produce static thrust. The LIM’s 3-phase coil assembly can be directly connected to the AC line for single speed applications or to an adjustable frequency drive for variable speed control. Additionally, linear induction motors are reversible and can also be dynamically braked.

A linear induction motor consists of a laminated coil assembly and an aluminum and steel reaction plate. The amount of thrust produced by the LIM is proportional to the active surface area of the motor. To produce larger forces, multiple coil assemblies can be used together, and rotary motion can be achieved using a circular reaction plate that rotates around a center point.


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