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Alliance Sensors Group’s SS-7 Subsea series operates to depths of 12,000ft.

April 15, 2020   by DE Staff

Alliance Sensors Group has added the SS-7 Series to its line of ME, MR and MHP Linear Position Sensors. The company’s ME (embedded version) , MR (port-mount version), MHP (port mount 25mm hex housing) and SS-7 (Subsea port-mount) Series fit into a gun-drilled cylinder in the same way a magnetostrictive sensor would. The ME/MR/MHP/SS-7 sensors operate in temperatures up to 85C for standard products and 125C for custom units. Resembling a magnetostrictive sensor, the ME/MR/MHP/SS-7 has a shorter stroke-to-probe length ratio and can thread into the same o-ring bosses (either SAE J1926-8 or ISO 6149-1 M18) that accept a magnetostrictive sensor. The IP-67 sealed housing uses no trimmer pots for setting Zero and Full Scale. Instead, ASG’s proprietary SenSet calibration feature permits the user to match the analog output of the sensor to the motion of the actuator or cylinder on a stand-alone basis.

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