Linear robot actuators

Bimba IntelliAxis T-bot moves loads in two-dimensional plane.

0 August 11, 2017
by Design Engineering staff

Bimba introduced its IntelliAxis multi-axis electric linear robot actuators for either X-Z or X-Y motion applications. The unit features a single continuous belt that serpentines around the two axes eliminating the need for a motor in the Z- or Y-axis while driving a pair of coordinated motors in the X-axis. Known as a T-bot and H-bot, this configuration permits synchronized control for complex motion movement profiles such as circles, ellipses and sine waves. IntelliAxis is intended for medium and heavy-duty two-axis industrial applications that require flexible motion within a two-dimensional plane. The patented ARC Power Self-Tracking timing belt itself is steel-reinforced and provides motion in both axes. It is constructed to reduce noise and vibration, eliminate backlash and cogging and deliver higher thrust per unit size.

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