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Mitutoyo's ABSOLUTE AT1100 Linear Scales are available up to an effective range of 3040mm.

September 1, 2016   Staff

Mitutoyo linear scaleMitutoyo’s ABSOLUTE AT1100 assembly-type Linear Scale incorporates Mitutoyo’s electromagnetic induction technology to provide resistance against contaminants such as cutting fluids, oil and water. The shape and location of the detector track in the aluminum frame provides a highly effective defense against the contamination of the scale and sensor, even in severe environments. The sensor-to-scale air gap is approximately 0.4mm, about 4x as wide as that of conventional optical or electromagnetic induction systems, thereby providing additional protection against dust or oil contamination. ABSOLUTE AT1100 Linear Scale is available up to an effective range of 3040mm, and compatible with FANUC Corporation’s serial ai interface and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s high-speed serial interface.

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