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Alliance MR inductive sensor Series designed for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder position feedback.

November 11, 2014   by Design Engineering staff

14-Nov-Alliance-Position-Sensor-625Alliance Sensors Group released its MR Series of linear position sensors designed as a drop-in replacement for magnetostrictive sensors—specifically for port-mounted industrial, mobile, or subsea hydraulic cylinders and large pneumatic actuators. MR Series sensors are based on a contactless inductive sensing technology. The sensor series measurement ranges from 2 to 36 inches (50 to 900 mm); operates to 5000 psi; has a linearity error of less than or equal to ±0.1% of full scale output, and has a -3dB frequency response of 500 Hz. The sensor features an IEC IP-67 aluminum or stainless steel housing and operates in temperatures up to 85C and 105C for custom units.

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