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Motion Control Machine Building linear stage

Griffin Motion’s high-speed LM3 Series linear motion platform designed for accuracy, repeatability and long-lifetime precision.

16-March-Griffin-Linear Stage-625Griffin Motion unveiled its high-speed LM3 Series 300mm-travel precision linear motion platform. According to the company, the low-profile linear motor stages exhibit 15µm accuracy, 1µm repeatability, 5µm flatness and 5µm straightness with regard to travel. It can also attain high linear velocities up to 900mm/s. Additional features include ironless linear servomotors, recirculating ball linear ways, hard coverings with side seals, a high-resolution (0.1µm) linear SS scale encoder; optical limit switches with home and integrated cable management. Measuring 530mm x 205.096mm x 62mm, the stages have a standard lead-time of five weeks; expedited lead-times are available upon request.


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