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Miniature linear encoder system


HEIDENHAIN linear encoder

HEIDENHAIN's LIP 6000 has the unusual capability to measure to 2 nm resolution with high speed of 4m/sec at long lengths of scale.

HEIDENHAIN's LIP 6000 miniature linear encoder systemHEIDENHAIN’s LIP 6000 exposed linear encoder features interferential scanning, enables exceptionally accurate position measurement as well as permanently reliable signals, all within in a compact design. With an interpolation error of only ±3 nm, a low noise level of just 1 nm RMS, and a baseline error of less than ±0.175 µm at a 5 mm interval, this encoder is predestined for applications requiring constant speed control or high positioning stability at standstill. The LIP 6000 scanning unit contains the HSP (HEIDENHAIN Signal Processor) 1.0 ASIC which overcomes contamination on the glass without the loss of accuracy by amplifying the LED light source instead of amplifying the electrical signals which leads to noisy outputs.


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