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M12 Connectors

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binder USA adds push-pull locking options and hybrid one-cable solutions.

binder USA announced it has added feature combinations to its M12 portfolio. Combinations include 3, 4, 5, 8, and 12 pin counts, as well as crimp, screw, clamp and IDT termination styles, a screw locking system, housing materials, and shielding. The company is also developing M12-threaded products with outer push-pull locking and its own single-cable hybrid solution that combines seven signal contacts with two power contacts to allow power and signal supply in a single connector. For power supply, rated currents of 12A and voltages up to 63V are available. For signal transmission, rated currents of 0.5A and up to 12V are offered. Models meet the DIN EN IEC 61076-2-010 standard.


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