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Magnetic Encoder Module

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Encoder Products Company Model 30M provides rotary feedback over a wide range of operating conditions.

15-Oct-EPC-encoder-360Encoder Products Company (EPC) introduced its Model 30M, a low-profile 30mm diameter magnetic encoder module. The encoder combines a hall-effect sensor, advanced signal processing circuitry and a small magnetic target, which can be affixed to a rotating shaft via an optional shaft adaptor or insert. The Model 30M tolerates shaft misalignment due to its wide sensor-to-magnet air gap (0.022 inch) and excellent waveform symmetry and repeatability. In addition, it offers resolution up to 1,024 CPR; a maximum frequency of 350MHz; up to 8-pole commutation; an optional index channel; two voltage selections and four output types. Connector options include an 8-pin M12, or an 8-pin or 16-pin Molex with an integral strain relief. An optional centering and gap-setting tool enables quick and easy installation. The encoder’s operating temperature ranges from -40ºC to 120ºC and can be sealed to IP69K. It also holds ratings of 100g @ 11ms for shock and 20g @ 10 to 3000 Hz for vibration.


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